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The New Feminine


  My mother was not a martyr as a working mother. She was empowered, she was a leader serving her life and her community. She had a struggle with addiction she had nightmares and was suffering from PTSD and anxiety alongside of this which effected me deeply as a teenage girl. My distorted perception of her kept her trapped in a place of isolation in her relationship with me, until I opened up fully to love her differently from a different place within me. Then this reality became the most powerful gift I could imagine possible.I chose to do the work on this relationship. 

Claiming your own flow as an empowered feminine woman.

  Claiming your own flow as an empowered autonomous woman is the primary desire of the new feminine woman. She knows her own power source, she doesn't look to others to make her feel good. That is not love. Life is phenomenological, we each have a different story that we are in service to. 

  The archetype of the erotic mother has had a big resurgence in my own path as a woman in my early 50 s. As a mother who fully embodies the queen archetype. Having had my own life experience as a woman who has contributed to the life of another person in a empowered and nurturing way. I know a thing or two about this. Having healthy boundaries has been a massive aspect of becoming a woman an adult and a queen in my own right. I have always had healthy boundaries in intimate relationships. Because of these boundaries I have always lived on the edge and been a risk taker. I like to have fun. Meaning to some extent I'm a scary dangerous person for some men and woman. 

The new feminine woman can give and receive in a healthy and contained way while respecting and honouring another persons unique journey. She can give to herself. The new feminine woman speaks her mind and heart without guilt or shame. 

 © 2019 Nicole Esplin.



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