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Jungian Coach & Mentor

Looking Good, Not Looking Bad, Love the Other Persons Crazy.  

   There seems to be a lot of this crazy rhetoric being thrown about, it does no one any good. I have decided to tackle it head on and face the demon monster. I am outing myself in the process in a kind of radical self acceptance and lack of perfection expose. 

   In my rawness, I'm a female. My essence is feminine. I value and embrace being a feminine woman. A lot of women are walking around acting like a men and being rewarded by society with money approval and kudos for doing it, even if in the process they bring another woman down. 

  I am not going to damage my mind and body any more by doing that. I am a woman, I feel things. That doesn't make me crazy, that makes me a wise and honest person who can recognise discern and shape my world as it in fact is. 

  Some men without realising it are using this crazy platform to bring women down as well. In the process they stop their own development and understanding of woman themselves. By forcing them into conforming and being more rational more robotic and more like them. Then wonder why they lost the attraction in the relationship. This is the split in the psyche of men which is very prevalent in the culture and society particularly for men in positions of power. 

  In truth they don't want this actually because what truly attracts a man to a woman is her feminine essence, her beauty, sweetness and softness I should know and I do. Her ability to embody these feminine qualities is what the masculine heart yearns for actually. He wants to fulfil this aspect of himself in a female body as his body is masculine.

  She is not crazy she is not having dramas. She is reflecting the confusion which is in fact his inability to hold and withstand the feminine. Lets get one things straight, the feminine is powerful, the feminine is chaotic flow uncontrollable force of nature, just look at the earth itself. The feminine is the most powerful force in the universe. So when women get their warrior on and start attacking you, you wonder why she has all of a sudden gone crazy. 

  You will bring out the Black Madonna if you attack a woman around her behaviour especially maternal feminine ones who have had children which is most women. If you are not willing to take responsibility while at the same time love the other persons crazy, crazy shit is going to go down in the space. Now if that space is your home things can get complicated. We are all living in a narrative of who we in fact are and a lot of us don't know because we are evolving so fast or slow. When we don't know we shut down and close our heart to love and affinity. When men don’t know they shut down and go into their feminine. This shows up as a bit crazy if the woman is in her feminine. By owning your part in any interaction or lack thereof this will inevitably go down in your world in some place at some point.

    What to do when it does ? This is the million dollar question. Here is my best answer ...Be honourable. This is the point in time where it matters most. Love the other person, don’t shut love down. Don't throw her out with the rubbish. Keep going relax and bear witness to his / her feminine heart and know this. Calling them crazy is the least masculine or feminine honourable thing you can do at this important juncture. 

 © 2019 Nicole Esplin.

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