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Awakening Men



Awakening men is a way of being in your body and in the world where more connection is found. It requires a depth of inner courage and vulnerability which men don't often access because it is simply not safe for them to do so. Think about it. They have been conditioned to be a certain type of man, the man we/you want. It is a heart opening and energetic upgrade a man can go through as a result of connecting with healthy feminine energy inside himself. It has dark aspects as does any deep internal process. It is vital in our world today and I totally believe and know this is what the world and some men and women need and truly desire. It can also arise in a man’s consciousness in a profound and meaningful way through heartbreak or a break in the psyche through trauma. We do not individuate alone, we need a mirror we need a witness you can never underestimate the power of the witness. 

Like Leanard Cohen said,

“There is a crack in everything that is where the light gets in. “

Where the man feels himself moved by a women’s love, honesty and authentic sharing of herself. He understands that way of being is also inside of him. This allows a man to open his heart fully in his masculine energy. Not holding onto beliefs about parts of himself which he may no longer need. Awakening is a full opening for a man of heart space and emotional connection including his individual expression of sexual and sensual energy. Infinite energy flows in when the heart is open. An awakening man is a man who is processing and integrating all the masculine and feminine aspects of himself all the time. Men have been conditioned through culture and family of origin to adopt certain behaviours and beliefs which run them however there is not enough ego structure to hold up the psyche and beliefs.This is what changes in the Awakening Men process. They often don’t question these until it is too late. Until their wife has left them or they have alienated family members.

   To be a man fully in your power a lot of vulnerability is required. A man who can hold power is a man who respects woman. A man who can withstand the chaos of the feminine by being able to identify it is there and allow it to be there. A man who restores order and has fully explored and understands his own inner woman. What does this mean? Ok, well at times and some men don’t feel into things enough. They act without feeling into themselves. Women can hold the ground at this time for the man and allow him to have full access to his full capacity his full inner power.

   When men tune into their feminine energy they sense and feel more effectively how to be in the world as a man with purpose. Without pushing, without war, without conflict and abuse. All men are curently inside a awakening process. It can look very messy and discombobulated, it is not a set curriculum it is an evolving process. Men need a time and place to be very introspective. They need to be able to follow their own passions, have their own space have time to process and reflect.

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