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You are a passionate human desiring more connection, eros and beauty.I have devoted my life work to sharing with you how much more you can become by looking within.

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I don’t ask for permission to honour my own soul path. I have an inherent and deep trust in myself as a initiatress.

I inquire lovingly where the passion and curiosity is to create.

For me the source of creative inspiration is what I hold as sacred deep inside of me. The inherent beauty in nature as it unfolds. We are all in a network of relationships. We are related to everything including what we love and don’t love. My initiation into this way of being was brought about when I chose to speak my truth while attempting not to hurt other people. I went through a series of traumatic events as a result of that authenticity. I found myself working in a prison. This experience profoundly changed my world view. For me love is awareness of the patterns that connect us to one another and the willingness to put in the work to strengthen that connection.

Life is an inside game. We are the ones who limit our own thoughts. I choose to teach what I know. This is the starting point for the work I do with both men and women. I support you to embark on a powerful inner journey of transformation. You can work with your own conscious and unconscious releasing your past trauma through dreams, understanding complexes and heart expanding practices. I guide you to repattern your own body and mind to be in alignment with your inner self. The self you know you are born to be, connected to your whole body, balanced and fully present. 

4, November 2018.

Your Life Is Happening From You.


Having studied phenomenology and some psychological theorists and practitioners over the past 10 year or more. Some...

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15 November 2018

The New Feminine


  My mother was not a martyr as a working mother. She was empowered she was a leader serving her life and her...

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1 November 2018

Awakening Men

   Awakening men is a way of being in your body and in the world. It is a heart opening and energetic upgrade a man can ...

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25 November 2018

The Warrior Archetype



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28 November 2018

Jungian Love Coach & Mentor

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